Saturday, 13 February 2010

I've Got 21 Hours To Go

Think tank agrees with me on my last post.

So working fewer hours could be better for the planet and our personalities. I have certainly found the shift from full-time to part-time has made me happier when I'm in my workplace because I'm not resenting the stapler and photocopier for so much time spent in their presence. I'm not frantically cramming leisure time into two measly days a week.

The problem with this professed left-wing and idealistic suggestion for how to structure our lives is that some berks will always ruin it for the rest of us by heroically putting in as many hours as they can on meagre salaries because they're under the impression that it'll progress their careers and they'll get rewards such as a fourth wall and their own key to the stationery cupboard. Scabs.

Shame they're so often in the right.

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