Wednesday, 25 August 2010

This Poem Will Change Your Life

Poor little Tommy O’Toole
Victim of beatings, Social Service meetings.
Yeah, I pity da fool
But chainmail ain’t cool.

Pass this on to show you care
Copy and paste, it’s only fair.
Or Little Lottie will get cancer
Johnny Boyle get HIV
Maddy hit by an SUV.

Think for a moment on sexual diseases
Then share this text, if it pleases.
(Or you could do something that actually works
Like giving money to a recognised charity
Or petitioning out there in the real world for real changes).

Turns out Dora
Is not an explorer
Forward this on to all your friends
Or your life will surely end.

Wars, waves, meteors, strikes
Your life not be safe from strife
Just like the people whose plight
It’s my aim to highlight
With gory pictures and rhyming couplets
An interative multimedia buttress.
“If you ignore this
Harm will come to you."

Hallmark sentimentality in the place of rationality
Saving the human race from its mortality.

Please don’t email me
Nor fill my facebook wall
It’ll only end up hidden afterall.
I understand the concern
But not the way it’s expressed
How in the world could a lowly poem
Ever get these issues addressed.

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