Monday, 8 November 2010

Come Dine With Me Drinking Game!

1. A questionable delicacy is presented in a ramekin.

Drink one ramekin’s worth of rum.

2. Somebody fingers their guests’ food while preparing/serving. Scuse fingers!

2 fingers.

3. Someone pretends to be okay with the dog/cat/rabbit/snake/horse supping at the table but reveals their disgust at this heinous crime behind the scenes.

Hair of the dog.

No. No you cannot.

4. Someone refuses to join in the fancy dress theme because it would ruin their image.

Down a pint of water.

5. The host gets their guest’s name wrong.

Bottle of ‘bud’.

6. Reviewer forgets their host’s name.

Bottle of ‘bud’.

7. Somebody claims to be psychic (yet somehow fails to predict their placement in the competition).

Shot of spirits.

8. Someone holds up a six and switches it to a nine. Or vice versa.

Six sips of wine. Or nine.

9. Horny male in the back of the taxi says “I’ll give her one!” whilst holding up this lowly scorecard.

One tequila.

10. Participant is oblivious to the fact they’re holding their scorecard upside down.

Stand on your head to finish your drink.

11. Narrator shouts “TAXI!” when unfortunate guest begins slurring.

2 fingers.

12. An 'amusing' pun dominates the menu.

1 finger.

13. Somebody drops out. Suspected cause: food poisoning.

Stop drinking :(

14. Proud host claims to be making their dish for the first time.

Make a drink you’ve never tried. Then secretly slip it to a houseplant.

15. Someone designs cute namecards. To mixed reactions.

A plastic cup of punch.

16. Mutton dressed as lamb – be it in person or in food form.


17. Somebody serves something they caught/shot/wrung the neck of all by themselves.

3 fingers.

18. Finickity guest refuses to even try a mouthful.

Mouthful of mouthwash.

19. There’s a teetotaller! Gasp.

Pint of water.

20. Guests are adamant they will not participate in any hot tub action.

Glass of bubbly.

21. Guest cannot pronounce an item on their host’s menu.

1 finger.

22. Panicked guest claims to have lost the one kitchen utensil they need to cook with.

Drink your poison of choice from a colander.

23. Someone complains about having to wait.

Pour yourself another. Wait one hour before drinking.

24. Guests attempt to guess host’s gender from the menu. Bollockses it up.

2 fingers.

25. Winner tosses the money around.

Toss your drink away.

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't get pissed whilst playing this last time =[