Sunday, 8 May 2011

Please RT

Can we all agree this 'RT' thing is immensely annoying and has to stop?

It seems more and more people are realising that if they copy and paste other people's tweets that they decree amusing or informative enough to share (along with an 'RT'), instead of merely clicking the 'retweet' button, should their followers also wish to retweet them, their name will also be credited.


Another benefit of the using the retweet function the way it was designed to be used is that it prevents the same tweet appearing twice in your timeline. If you followed both comedyfish and MooseAllain you would've seen that pun twice. If you followed both and comedyfish hit the retweet button instead of peskily typing 'RT' you would only have seen the original, and not have that nanosecond of your life wasted by reading the same information. Comedyfish knows that if people follow him and not MooseAllain they are more likely to retweet his 'RT' of MooseAllain and his name gets included in all the retweets. It's almost like taking credit for the joke.


  1. My own interpretation was that they do it because some people turn off the re-tweet function.

    That way, their re-tweets still slip through.

  2. I didn't know the retweet function could be turned off that way! I've also recently heard that 'RT' indicates 'respect'.

  3. FWIW, I seem to recall that RT was the way of doing things before Twitter introduced their formal 'retweet' button. So some of this is just force of habit, I think...

    It can also be easier if you're using a crap client on your phone or something.