Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Put On My Best Sunday Dress

And I walk straight into this mess.

I was complimented on my attire today by a gentleman at work:-

“Nice dress.”

What goes through my mind:

“Oh god I knew I shouldn’t’ve worn this it’s too slutty wait maybe it was sarcasm it looks a little frumpy when I wear it with these thick tights and I’ve also had it for about a decade so surely it’s showing wear and tear just like the owner ha ha awh he was just being nice I’ve been wearing jeans to work for the last couple of weeks he probably said it out of shock more than anything

Omg what if he fancies me the others heard him say it they’ll be gossiping now and if I wear this dress again they’ll think I’m wearing it for him oh shut up Karen he said two words is all and it is a nice dress and you should wear it more often the red really brings out your



Maybe I should’ve complimented him too even though I couldn’t think of anything nice to say off the top of my head oh no wait that’s what girls do with each other and anyway that’s fucking stupid just take the fucking compliment and be grateful for it now sharrup and gerron with your work.”

What went through his mind:

“Nice dress.”