Friday, 30 September 2011

Things Alexis Petridis Has Described As ‘AMAZING’ This Month

  • @Ultrabaz’s list of records.
  • A Man Parrish record.
  • @tracey_thorn’s new single.
  • A comp of Roy Harper’s love songs.
  • A virgin train announcer.
  • David Gilmour’s house.
  • This man.
  • Morrissey live. (actually that one probably is)
  • ...I have NO idea.
  • He believes the 'amazing' music of Ibiza is a myth.
  • The fruits of birthday record shopping.
  • This video:
  • Listening to this song at the same time as someone else.
  • 'Photograph' by Ringo Starr.
  • Katie Price’s magazine.
  • Forming a punk band in a totalitarian dictatorship, calling yourself Vim Cola and writing a song called ‘Public Bathrooms’.
Alexis Petridis does not think Ed Sheeran nor printers are amazing. He enjoys Grubbs burgers very much, as should you all.
Finally, his own mint martinis. AMAZING!
Cheers! =]