Thursday, 31 May 2012

Iron Sky Drinking Game

I wrote this as a request today from friends going to see Iron Sky at the Duke of Yorks. They know me well enough to know that I can't resist writing about drinking, yet also know me well enough not to invite me along.

(Plus I'd been to see it already, as evidenced by the fact I'm writing a drinking game about Iron Sky. That's science!).

A film they should've just bloody called 'MOON NAZIS!'

A film which will make you get this stuck in your head for days afterwards. If you're me.


But enough waffle. Bottoms up.

  • Drink whenever there’s boobs. DAS BOOB
  • Drink when you see a Nazi. Double if he says ‘heil’. Hold your drink out in a Nazi salute beforehand.
  • Drink when you see the moon!
  • I see you Moon quit tryna hide

  • Drink whenever some cuntish geeky hipster member of the audience claps or guffaws too loudly to show off to everyone that they got the joke.
  • Drink when there’s subtitles.
  • Drink when you see a bear.
  • Drink whenever the Token Black Guy utters some jive talk, honkies.
  • Drink when anyone throws a shoe.
  • Drink when you hear industrial music, ja?
  • (Speaking of the industrial scene, the outfits worn by Julia Dietze finally revealed to me why the military-chic look - which I've always found slightly disturbing - is a thing. ME GUSTA).

  • Drink when you see a Battleship. Or if anyone actually says ‘Battleship’

N.B. - If an ambulance is your preferred mode of travel home, just drink whenever there’s racial/gender/German stereotyping…

'Nutha N.B. - don't worry if you missed it at the cinema. It's already out on DVD.