Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Mirror: A History

"A beautiful woman, looking at herself in the mirror, might believe that she is only that, but an ugly woman knows that she is not only that."

From The Mirror: A History, by Sabine Melchoir-Bonnet.

Also from Melchoir-Bonnet's painstakingly researched compendium:

"To contemplate one's image is to come up against one's limits, to see time work its destruction, to fear painful or distubing evidence that the subject shelters itself from - his biological and mortal reality. Any mirror is a mirror of vanity and any self-portrait leads to automortrait [self death portrait], according to critic Philippe Lejeune's clever expression. As both upholder and destroyer of an ideal self, the reflection, unfit for its mission, either cracks or dismisses itself."

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