Monday, 24 September 2012

Curiosity Rover Songs

Here is a thing I read in the Stool Pigeon which I enjoyed muchly.

It was meant to be about songs connected to the wee remote controlled car that's been bopping around Mars, but ended up being a take down of the car fwend everybody loves to hate.

Gary Numan - 'Cars' (1979)

'The Curiosity Rover is not a car and is not designed to carry human passengers in comfort, which is why i like to imagine Jeremy Clarkson sitting astride it, about to berate it for its unsatisfactory 0-to-60 capabilities before getting rapidly frozen solid in the unforgiving -127 degrees Martian night time chill, and then having his brittle head snapped off by the camera arm with enough force to send it spinning off into the void, only to be picked up in deep space by aliens millennia later, who use it as a gormless, bug-eyed paperweight, unaware that it's the last surviving trace of mankind.'

John Doran

Here is the video, merely included to make this post more visually appealing. I learnt some things when I used to write for money! Woo!