Saturday, 15 September 2012

Gay = Beautiful

Apologies for using this blog as a photo-dumping ground of late. I was going to write about dermatillomania, a bad habit I suffer from mildly, which has prevented me being as sociable as I would've liked to be recently. But with that and the sciatica post this would seem like the blog of a crazed photo-journalist hermit-hypochondriac, AND I AM NOT THOSE THINGS AT ALL. No ma'am.

I've also been occupied with a different blog and its accompanying Twitter account, but that's all I'm saying about that one for now. Oooooh, Midgesterious.

The last Stay Beautiful (glam/trash/sleaze/electro/goth/punk club I never shut up about) happened to coincide with Brighton's Pride weekend, so the evening was dubbed 'Gay = Beautiful'. I decided to forsake my usual inebriated twirling around the dancefloor, squawking the wrong words to songs into my friends' uncomprehending faces and splashing JD everywhere to take pictures of everybody else doing the same.

(That's what I want)

For the mirror theme? Yeah? Geddit?

Less gash, more flash next time.

The full set of 114 photos can be found here, on my substitute for a Facebook account that I remember to look at about once a month known as Google+. Doubleplusnotgood.

Things I have been enjoying lately: