Thursday, 1 November 2012

Universities Respond: Part Two

University of Bristol:

I am afraid I am not allowed to open attachments from unknown sources – can you please copy and paste this onto an e-mail?

Bristol is ranked 11th in the 2013 University League Table, yet does not have sufficient anti-virus software in place to open a Word Doc?

Canterbury Christ Church University:

Many thanks for your email and your concerns, we have been following the articles recently published also. We feel that, as a Union with a wide range of student demographics, we try to arrange an entertainments program aimed at all and do not usually host many themed events, our themes if and when we do these are tame, some do encourage dressing up but not in a way which would put our students at risk, or put one gender ‘above’ another, we aim for equality in themes and students can dress up if they want or not and dress how ever they feel.

We will continue to host a wide variety of events for students and would certainly not be hosting derogatory themed events.

Edinburgh Napier University:

In your letter you do not mention who the comments are for? Is it for yourself or a newspaper or?


In my letter I refer to my former student days. A lot of respondees seemed fearful I was an angry former student of their University, or a hack. I purposefully kept my intentions for what I was going to do with the replies vague, because I wasn't quite sure at the time myself, plus I hoped to obtain a similar reply that they would write to an editor of a national newspaper. I can understand the need to tailor replies according to the occupation and intentions of the correspondent, but it still doesn't sit comfortably with me that they would say one thing to the newspapers and send a dismissive knock off reply to Concerned from Brighton.

I eventually produced what would become a standard reply to this sort of enquiry; that I was merely inquisitive, and hoped to possibly publish the replies on my personal blog for anyone of a similarly inquisitive nature to judge.

Heriot-Watt University:

Would it be ok to ask in what capacity you are writing the letter in and what action you’re looking at coming out of it?

Glyndŵr University:

That’s fine as far as im aware nothing like this goes on in Glyndwr, thank god. I know a lot of students had never heard about it until the article was published. Your laura lawson

Well, if nothing else comes of this, at least I've gained a Laura Lawson.