Saturday, 15 December 2012

Lucy Mangan is...


Outspokeness looks extremely mild-mannered these days.

I'd always felt ambivalent towards Lucy Mangan's columns in Stylist. Until she went on maternity leave and Tanya Gold wrote her misguided column on chavs. My reactions to this column are mirrored on jessicajanescribbles. And again here.

But as usual, a paragraph in and I'm already digressing.

I remained wary of Ms Mangan's writing because I was so distracted by her feet:


Seriously. What are those things?

It was like staring into a web-footed enveloping blackness, akin to watching an episode of Later with Jools Holland.

Then she popped a sprog and returned with a similarly sack-like dress, a new 'do, a bright and breezy smile...and most importantly, FEET.

Discernible shoes and feet, oh my!

Lucy Mangan is back. Lucy Mangan appears anatomically correct. Lucy Mangan is encouraging discussion and highlighting topical issues, instead of drawing us in to fungal shadows.

(It's still unfair that Shortlist readers get Danny Wallace though.)

I have just undone all the good feminist work I've done by criticising a woman solely on her appearance.

But I assure ye: