Thursday, 31 January 2013

Big Mac

Earlier this week I took a trip back home to Swalecliffe, bumping its total residents to a staggering 401.

I was sitting chatting to my father and stepmother, when the volume suddenly increased on the telly - someone had noticed the One Show was starting!

"OH GOD NOT THIS" I squealed, and started shouting the theme tune back at the TV:

"ONE! Badabadabadaba ONE! badabadabadada ONE!!! badabadabada WAAHHAAA-WOOAHH-ONNNNN!"

I began my scathing critique that the One Show consists of little but the more silly side and 'human interest stories' of the news we'd just finished watching stretched out for half an hour, presented by a stick and a pug...


...but was silenced by my surprise they've been replaced by another giggling faux-couple of sticky and canine qualities.


The guests were 'cockney comedian' Micky Flanagan and Mick Fleetwood. Hang on, are they taking the Mick?

Mick Fleetwood, who is called that and not 'Fleetwood Mac' as my Pop insisted on calling him, was inescapable that day, first appearing on some radio show, then this, then later on in the evening in University Challenge.

There was a clip of Mick Fleetwood being interviewed about the bassline of the Chain, instantly recognisable as the accompaniment to Formula 1, the blokiest of shows for blokes, Top Gear, (and in Radcliffe and Maconie's (ooh, another Mac) 6music segment, THE CHAIN.

The cut from him talking about the song's success to an old clip of McVie playing it in concert.

My father pipes up, "Why is he sitting there yapping about it when he could just play it for us?"

"Because he's not the bassist. He's the drummer."

Back to the studio where they've recruited a pair of session musicians to do bass and geetaw while Mick Fleetwood (not Fleetwood Mac) pounds drums in the background.

"Ahh look. There he goes. So he plays drums and guitar. Why can't musicians today be multi-instrumentalists like that?"

I gave up trying to explain that Mick Mac Paddywhack Fleetwood and John McVie are two different people, and became animated instead explaining how there are talented multi-instrumentalists around today, they just rarely see the heady heights of prime-time tv as that is secured for Wand Erection and their ilk.

But my lament faded in the background, obscured by a familiar theme tune...

The lads campaigned to get 'The Chain' reinstated as the title music for Formula 1 coverage. The Chain Letter (oh-HO!) can be read here.

"F1 WOULDN’T BE F1 WITHOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", says 'TG FAN', clearly also a fan of Shift+1.

"It has to be the chain, Hell im 19 and i want the chain, and alot of people my age proberly wouldnt remember it hehe" says 'Kartbreaker', demonstrating once more how 'alot' of people his age have no idea when it comes to spelling and grammar.

'Superior to You' goes from threatening to encouraging in one small squeaky sentence: "Dont you dare use some pathetic techno rave rubbish use the chain evryone knows it im only 13 go on bbc"

"Yeah go on BBC, I'm only 13 and if you promise to bring back the Chain I promise to have it firmly ingrained that 'alot' is NOT A WORD by the time I'm 19." If only.

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