Thursday, 28 March 2013

"Bra-Fitter for the Cast of Baywatch Required...

...well, ok, maybe not quite, but this job is almost as good as that!"

That was roughly how one of the jobs I looked at on was worded. This is back in maybe 2007/2008, before I had joined Twitter and could flag it up to feminist friends and accounts such as Everyday Sexism.

I was tired of job-hunting. I was sick of being a recent graduate but being frequently turned down because I was either too qualified or didn't have enough experience. I had been typing up essays and chatting to friends on Messenger, and when I finally was deemed suitable to enter an office, they were amazed by my computer skills and touch-typing abilities.

But anyway, I was very fed up at this stage. And this misogynistic advertisement did nothing to alleviate my mood. So I emailed the manager of the site and politely asked if he really thought the ad was appropriate. I received a reply, which I have trawled and trawled my emails for but seems to have been deleted in fury, which was basically "Whatever floats your boat Miss McDermott. Good luck with the job hunt."

Which made no sense, was rude and dismissive and needless to say completely unprofessional. And of course nothing was done, as far as I could tell, to re-word or delete the offending ad. I told my mother all about it and she said don't bother saying anything else, just let it drop. So I did, because I was fearful for my employment prospects. I thought Mr Big Cheese would somehow track and delete my applications or something.

But now I work for an establishment where the promotion of equality is high on the agenda and I'm out of the county rife with sexist, racist employers who seem to only wish to employ their inbred family members (boy, do I have some other juicy stories for you) I thought I'd say my piece. Of course, having foolishly deleted the correspondence it's my word against theirs.

Who the fuck still watches Baywatch in the 2000s anyway?!

Via Total Film.