Wednesday, 10 April 2013



" monks chanting in front of a jet engine"

"...the band doesn't just sound aggressive, it sounds like it's bursting apart."

"...the music is not coming from inside its players but existing, like a spirit, somewhere outside and between them."

The Guardian:

"...the "loudest" or "heaviest" band in the world, with dark rumours of punishing gigs making audiences vomit."

"...The marathon title track crashes like waves of heavy metal on to an industrial shore."

The Quietus

"...This is an album that vindicates maturity, long years of toil, cumulative effort, resilience, patience, wisdom. Michael Gira is the village elder we can learn something from..."

"...the unequivocal centrepiece and highlight here is the thirty-minute title track. Beginning with a flurry of brass drones and skittering cymbals, 'The Seer' careers through multiple stanzas of ambient waste and pulsating, supple improvisation before exploding in a paroxysm of guitar gore..."

"...eclectic gothic experiments, hopping across genres and tones with drone acting as a suturing lingua franca..."


"At times the intensity of the volume is close to unbearable. Also, because frequent moments in Swans' music could easily soundtrack that bit in a horror film where they find the bodies, parts of the gig feel more like an endurance test than a night out."

Metal Gigs:

"BOOM!!! A wall of sound physically hit everyone down front, the sheer volume pushing the air from the speakers, it just smacked you. People gasped, people moved back, others moved forward grinning ear to ear, I just stood their in awe feeling a little sick as my rib cage shook inside me, and my eyeballs started to rattle in my skull."

"...the offbeat "Mother Of The World" into a hybrid that midway through sent a shockwave through the crowd as bass, drums and guitars pounded deep into your brain routing you to the floor..."

My mate Dave: