Thursday, 14 November 2013

An addendum to 'White Moral Outrage'

This from the 405 which I read a few hours after posting:

"She can't twerk (despite trying to learn for two weeks) but wanted to draw attention to it as part of a current dialogue, so she hired a group of backing dancers who were willing and able to do so. And she hired them because they are fucking good at what they do, not because of their ethnicity."

Emphasis my own.

Who's racist now?

"Commenting on what she is or isn’t wearing is exactly the kind of rubbish Lily Allen is hitting out against in the song and suggesting that the other women featured in the video aren't smart enough to make an informed decision about whether they are comfortable twerking in a video that satirises twerking is insulting at best."

"Bottom line is, this is about the objectification of all women. And we need things like this. We need positive feminist dialogue charting at #1. I'm not saying we don't need people like Miley - we do, they're important in their own way - but it's a relief that we now have a commentary on them that comes from other pop musicians. We need people like Lily Allen and Lorde to level the playing field. And if you're going to write a feminist manifesto, you might as well make it catchy as hell."

That is exactly what I wanted to say only so much better. And that is why I'm cluttering up the blogosphere instead of being a music journalist.