Sunday, 31 March 2013


Earlier this year I wasn't feeling too great and had lots of leave before the cut off month of April, so fucked off to Berlin for a week to fall in love with life again.

Here are the pictures. Seems like too many? There were originally 1000+.

The first stunning building I noticed, Theater des Westens, five minutes from my hostel.

Such a lovely place...

(That's not where I stayed by the by, I just liked it)

My tiny room...

Le view:

After nearly throwing a tearful tantrum over purchasing a tube ticket, I headed straight for one of the main sights, the Fernsehturm, a tv tower which can be seen from just about anywhere you are in Berlin.

After nearly throwing a tearful tantrum over trying to get the above two images to post side-by-side (seriously Blogger what the fuck even ARE you) I decided that it's not fucking worth the hassle and you can just scroll more.


Pointy thing again. You'll be seeing more of him.

St Mary's Church in Alexanderplatz.

Rotes Rathaus - 'Red City Hall'.


I took way too many pictures of the Bode Musuem. Because it's beautiful.

War Horse!

The Brandenburg Gate.


Narnia. Or, Tiergarten.

The Reichstag.

Holocaust Memorial.

The Sony Center.

Bit o' Wall.

Bit o' Midge.

Scary hostel interior. Yeah, I had to carry my luggage up those fuckin' stairs.

Kaiser Wilhelm church. The borked spire has been left that way as a reminder.

Inside the Europa Center, featuring strange clock thing and real live bunny wabbits.

KaDeWe, the second largest department store in Europe. Which was closed, so I walked around the block til it opened.

A man polishing some fish.

Mein feetz.

The Jewish Museum.

Aerial shot to show you just how whack the layout is. It's a wonder I got out of there alive! Oh. Um.

More Wall.

McCheckpoint McCharlie.

Cold Midge.

The East Side Gallery, which they're threatening to pull down because it blocks some people's view ofthe river.

Karl-Marx-Allee. Olivia Sparrow recommended I go, and stop at Café Sybille, which I did.

Kaiser Wilhelm Church, this time at dusk.

Dorotheenstadt cemetery.

Bertolt and Schinkel and Hegel, oh my!

From an exhibition in the Hamburger Bahnhof I had about twenty minutes to look round before joining the tour.

I did the 'Real Berlin Experience' tour. Bouncing was part of it.

Berlin's oldest currywurst place: Konnopke's Imbiss in Prenzlauer.

Pay to do the tour and get the stories behind this street art. I recommend it.

The story about this 'treehouse'.

Tour buds, Rosie and Nicole :)

War Horse!

Stamp from this bar crawl.



A boy called Cameron!

Outside the Topography of Terror.

(War Horse)

Monument to the dude that built most of Berlin.

Couldn't get enough of the Bode Museum. Despite being denied access even though I paid for a ticket to see all of the museums on Museum Island, because it was 5.30 and they closed at 6. Fucking jobsworths. I said I had to use the toilet. They told me to use the restaurant down the road. I doubt this would've happened if I was elderly, or pregnant, and people didn't keep mistaking me for a student all the damn time. Which I should've made the most of to get cheap tickets, but I didn't because I'm too truthful for my own good at times.

Feeling a little war hoarse

War Horse! With my name on it, no less.

Horse Arse!

Show me the Monet

Van Gogh.






The Ishtar Gate.

Much-needed NRG

The Bauhaus Archive.

This was meant to be a shot of me in my Bauhaus T-shirt outside the Bauhaus Archive which I walked about thirty minutes to set up and didn't work.

Inside the Sony Center. I was there to wander round the film museum, where I saw a gold bracelet given to Marlene Dietrich by Ernest Hemingway, and an actual page of the original script for Metropolis, but you'll just have to take my word for it as picture-taking wasn't allowed.

Soviet War Memorial.