Tuesday, 24 June 2014

St Ann's Well Gardens Festival

My good buddy and Queen of Canterbury's Open Mic Scene, Claire, came to visit me a-whiles back. It was Brighton Fringe and Brighton Festival season, so we were spoilt for choice when looking for stuff to do.

After a pub crawl of the comedy, taking in 'History for Dummies' at the Temple Bar, The Nobgoblin', and rounding off the evening with Stuart Black and The One-Eyed Men at The Caroline, we took our hangovers to St Ann's Well Garden Festival. (Is that enough links yet?)

Introducing the lovely Claire.

(As usual btw, CLICK TO EMBIGGEN. Which in laymans terms means if you click on the picture you see a bigger version, as I had to not-so-patiently explain to someone last time I wrote that!)


Claire had her eyes closed, so I improvised


Whoops. Caught



Proof I have more than one friend! :o :D