Monday, 27 October 2014

Coast to Coast Photoast

Further to the last update where I wrote about how an epidural had cured my long-term backache and didn't result in babies, I've been getting out and doing some of the stuff I used to do.

I took a trip to East Kent to see family (no squirming and gobbling Tramadol on the coach!) and managed to squeeze in some photography. It was pure joy being able to crouch down in an attempt to get artier shots of park benches (for example...and yeah I know I'm high class) or lean right back to focus on a canopy of autumnal foliage.

Yeah alright shut up Keats and let's have your pictures.

Underneath Brighton Station

The side of the Prince Albert

What even is the point of this

Trying to make waiting for a coach seem grandiose

Oast House, Sandwich

Ye olde cinema + wonky window


Ye Olde Town Gaol

Holy Ghost Alley

Ye Humble Narrator

Wonky window again

Urb-exing from the passenger side of your best friend's ride

Hernia Bay

My winnings! I am now a royalist Man U fan.

Quite satisfied I made a sandwich out of Sandwich with these photos.

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