Thursday, 2 October 2014

Taking the Metal Mickey

I found Richey, and he's come to terms with his weight issues.


Speaking of the Manics (and I sometimes have done), now feels like a good time to brag. A friend (and gig buddy from this post) recently said I could have her spare ticket to the Manics' upcoming Holy Bible tour. GET IN!

I found a copy of a Manics special NME issue in the staff room at work recently, and accumulated a total of four, yes, FOUR, +1s on Google Plus (what the hell did YOU do today) for commenting on their pull quote.

Perhaps this goes some way in explaining how my musical tastes have evolved to encompass an appreciation of black/atmospheric/technical/death metal.

When I say I listen to metal I think people envisage this kind:


Or this:


Man, if I had a NICKELBACK for every time people assume this...



Eww though

Or any other Kerrang!core knuckle-dragging tedious whining Hot Topic-clothed bastards you care to mention. Whatever an Asking Alexandria is. That.

But really when I say me gusta la metal (I would never say it that way, but still) I'm talking about Alcest, Cult of Luna, Isis, Katatonia, Black Sabbath, Carach Angren, Carpathian Forest, Immortal, Gorgoroth, Emperor, Mono, Electric Wizard, Anaal get the fucking gist. Complex stuff, brutal stuff, transcendental stuff. Dare I say the more sophisticated and cerebral. Balls-out, blasting walls of noise...and the cold, the stark, the raw. It's a natural evolution from the teenage angst of The Holy Bible, In Utero, and (you know what's coming) Unknown Pleasures.

Anyway, I'm glad we cleared that up.

Now stick this in your earholes: