Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I don't usually write about the twee and sentimental on here, instead using it as a repository for experiments in Paint I found hilarious at the time, showcasing my photos, and of course whinging.

But I thought I'd share my 2015 project as quite a few people have said it's lovely idea. It's meant to make me feel better. Maybe if others try it they'll feel better too. Maybe you'll say "enough of this tosh, more warhorses and battleships and drinking games please". In which case fair enough. Whatever makes you happy.

My friend Leanne, seated here:

Say hello, Leanne!

gave me a beautiful jar of cookies for Christmas. Seated here:

(And also in black and white, because I couldn't quite make my mind up):

"Ah brilliant! I've been looking for a jar!"

Leanne's reaction to that statement can also been seen above, but imagine without the dreads, sunglasses, and sitting in the Hare and Hounds on London Road instead of my old gaff in Canterbury.

I sheepishly explained that I'd read about this thing where someone wrote it down and put it in a jar whenever anything nice happened to them or someone did something awesome for them. Or paid them a compliment. A jar of good things, of happy memories.

And whenever anything shit happened to them, they'd pick a random note out just to remember that good things happen, and there are well-meaning people out there in the world. And at the end of the year you get to sit down and read them all. Or during shitstorms like Valentine's Day or NYE. You can create a tangible ticker tape parade of recollections where the star is you.

I quickly got all of those pesky biscuits out of the way (blimey, what a chore) and began filling it with folded up bits of paper.

I haven't had to take anything out of it yet. Christ, it would be pretty bad if I did, it's only been a couple of weeks, right? Haha. But it gives me pleasure to see it opposite me when I wake up, when I'm doing weird stretchy things for my back and I get level with it, when the sunlight glints off it (when we have sun).

Jars. They'll be on everyone's wishlist by next Christmas, mark my words Sonny Jim.