Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Yes, I'm blogging my breakfast. But before you shoot me for having reached peak cuntishness, do me a favour and read the recipe. And be prepared to have your mind blown by the greatest taste sensation since someone accidentally pulled a pork.

What you do, right, is you get some yoghurt, right (in this case I grabbed some out my fridge, which happened to be 'Mmm' Danone's Strawberry Activia nonsense).

A brief aside as we consider whether it's Danone or Danun.

Then you go to the shop (in this case T*sc*) and get some crispy M&Ms, but only if they're on offer right, because otherwise it's like £3 these days and who's got that kind of money.

Not that Eminem. What I'd do to that one with yogurt and a spoon is another blog post entirely.

Then you grab some blueberries. Not too hard or you'll get stains all over your fingers. I got them two punnets for two paaaands from that shop in Seven Dials and they were sold without lids on which is probably why they were so cheap. That was a careful rest of the walk to work, that one.

And then! BEHOLD.

You do as the song says and put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em all up. Except it's not lime and coconut because as I've already stated it's yoghurt and blueberries and M&Ms.




I think if I did this again I would use plain yoghurt instead of strawberry because sometimes a manky piece of strawberry would get in the way of awesomeness but on the whole well done me. Gold star.