Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Election Infection

So I skimmed over this news about changes to strike laws this morning. Apparently, "Unions said the plans "will make legal strikes close to impossible"." That's the Tories for you!

I think the problem is not enough young people are voting. Well, I know it. They think, "I can't make a difference" "they're all c*nts" "what's the point" etc etc. I was one of them. I didn't vote for most of the time since returning to the UK in 2002. I'm more politically aware now, so I feel able to make an informed judgement.

So you get the retired people, and the older folks who stand to profit the most, being the ones who actually go to the polling stations. (Personally I use a postal vote and am very much looking forward to the system joining the 21st century when we finally get to do online voting!)

If the Lefties could only pour more of the energy spent in designing witty mock manifestos in getting younger people riled up enough to vote then outcomes could be a lot different.

Don't ask me how though. I don't design the curriculum. Or write TV shows. Or pop songs. Or sell hoops and sticks or whatever it is young people play with these days.

I propose leafleting (unless you're the Greens, talk about hypocrisy eh!) with designs featuring some of the common elements found on flyers for festivals that young folk flock to. The 'a' of Labour replaced with a triangle, for instance. // Sentences divided with forward slashes. // Totes reem and ting!

This could be your background:

Oh crap. I've started doing it. Piss-taking mockufestos. It's quite fun though, I'll give you that.