Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Pills, Thrills, and Ball Aches

So I tried my surgery’s revamped repeat prescription ordering page, and if you’ve read my NHS admin posts before you can probably guess where this is going. Used the password and username I’d carefully written down (yeah I know, get off my perpetually aching back), and couldn’t get in. Phoned the surgery. Listened to the options. Which included “We’re sorry but we cannot take prescription requests over the phone.”

Got through. Explained I needed to reset my password. (Nothing had come through to any of the email addresses I’d tried).

“Oh sorry, we can’t do that over the phone, you’ll have to come in to the surgery with photo ID.”

Will this do

Isn’t the whole online process to avoid wasting clerical staff's and GPs' time? And to help customers who are, y’know, perhaps in pain and wish to avoid unnecessary trips? How about the working professionals who are too busy doing their jobs to pay for their bleedin’ medication to prance off to surgeries all the time?

“Why can’t you simply ask me some security questions?”

“Um, sorry, it doesn’t work like that.”


“You can email us though.”

“Ah brilliant thanks!”

Email. Wow. You're not telling me the NHS have embraced this modern wonder at last!

I've passed this on to 12 of my friends!

So I emailed requesting a password reset.

Received a reply apologising for not being clear on the phone. They meant to say I could email with my repeat prescription request.

Why not say this in the options when you call the surgery? Why not have the email address on the fucking website? What’s the point of having a fancy repeat prescriptions page when people could just email?!

How much of the taxpayer’s money (I know, I know, sorry again) goes into faulty systems like these? How many man hours (or ‘person’ hours, before I get lynched) doing the data input for it (I saw the job advertised. I know how much was paid. Almost went for it myself).

Private sector sysadmin PC-COMPUTAH PEOPLE with your nimble fingers and your memes and your deep dreams and your unpenetrable XKCD comics and your doges and SEO, please consider using your powers to sort out the admin failures of the public sector. Then there will be less rage in the world and less time wasted reading angry blog posts like this one. I thank you.