Monday, 21 September 2015

Moving to Brighton: Expectation vs Reality

Wrote this to commemorate living in Brighton for five years. Well, Hove Actually. Shush.

  1. Expectation: I will live here!
  2. Source

    Or here!


    Or here!


    Or here!


    Reality: You will live in a granny annexe in Woodingdean.

  3. Expectation: I will gorge myself on Cybercandy every day.
  4. What else is in the teaches of Reese's

    Reality: Once a week you might treat yourself to this from Aldi.


  5. Expectation: When friends visit I'm going to show them the high life!
  6. Reality: You'll discourage friends from visiting because it costs money to go outside.

  7. Expectation: I'm going to sample all the craft beers.
  8. Without the need to time travel to be served by a man who looks like this!

    Reality: I'm going to go to Spoons.


  9. Expectation: I will own at least five pairs of Irregular Choice shoes.
  10. Even if I have to crush the heads of innocent bunnies

    Reality: I will try to make a pair of Shoe Zone shoes last five years.

  11. Expectation: For basics, I'll go to Wilkinson's.

  13. Expectation: I'll buy my toiletries from Lush!
  14. Lush innit

    Reality: I'll buy my toiletries from one of the many Wilkinson's substitutes on LNDN RD.

  15. Expectation: I'm going to see so many great bands!
  16. Reality: Can't afford a paid Spotify account.

  17. Expectation: I'll be within easy reach of London! Gonna see so many friends/exhibitions/gigs/cocktails!
  18. Reality: Can't afford the bus to the train station.

  19. Expectation: Dere be good eatings! Chilli Pickle! Terre à Terre! La Choza! The Salt Room! The Coal Shed! Ginger Pig! Troll's Pantry! BBQ Shack!
  20. Reality:

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