Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Room Drinking Game

The last drinking game I posted (Iron Sky) was all the way back in 2012, and remains my most popular post to date. Philistines.

Ahead of a film night designed to introduce unsuspecting friends to the cult classic voyage into Tommy Wiseau's ego (AKA The Room), I've decided to share the rules I invented. Most of which came about under the influence from drinking to the first few rules. That and there are just too many things in this film you can't not drink to.

Tommy there, already looking squiffy. No, wait, that's just his face.

  1. Drink whenever anyone says 'HAI!', 'Hello', or a variation thereof.
  2. Drink whenever anyone's wearing red.
  3. Seasoned Room fan? Don't recall the redness? It happens a lot more than you'd think. Trust me. *Hic*.

  4. Drink whenever anyone tosses the ball.
  5. Not a metaphor. You'll know which ball exactly from its similarity to Stewie Griffin's head.

  6. Take a sip whenever Lisa's mother tells her she should stick with Johnny.

  7. Down your drink for this scene.

  8. Obviously.

    Then rewatch. Because you must.

    Watch a few more times. Did that level of 'acting' (crapting) really happen? Yes. Yes it did.

    And there's a dubstep mix (of course) to listen to while you're wiping away tears of laughter. Or sadness.

  9. Take a sip when Johnny does his creepy vampire cackle.

  10. A shot and a chaser whenever a well awk sex scene mercifully finishes.

I'm sure there were more than this but my memory is preeeeety hazy.