Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Media Consumption 2015


  1. Beaver
  2. (I copied this quote down next to the entry in my notebook, so clearly it was important to me: "It's like he died but forgot to take his body with him, so all he does is sleep."

  3. Birdman
  4. I was cashing in a cinema-visit birthday promise from Leanne of Jar of Good Things fame, and what a choice, if I do say so meself.

  5. Filth
  6. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
  7. This annoyed me not just because it has the man with the hangdog expression that's in everything and her with the eerily maniacal smile, but because they took an idea I'd been toying with but, y'know, actually did something with, instead of just bringing it up briefly with mates in bars, then killing it with booze. But asides from my completely subjective gripes, it's good, so go see it. Although it came out in 2012 so you probably won't find it in cinemas now.

  8. Beyond Clueless
  9. I saw this with my film-and-music-buff mate Simon at the Duke's. The director, Charlie Lyne, was there to do a Q&A. I thought it was a dogsbody member of the Duke's staff at first because he looked about 12. But I'm not one to talk, still getting ID'd for rizla and forks and you name it. He was a sweetheart.

    This is gonna take ages if I keep doing little autobiographical bits, innit. I hope you've made yourselves a cuppa, or a line, or whatever you kids are into these days. #yolo

  10. John Dies at the End
  11. Only God Forgives
  12. Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl
  13. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  14. Can you believe this was the first time I'd seen that? I watched with m'pal Mark who's good at saying who's been in what, because he's trivia mad-like. Most jaw-dropping to me was seeing that Phoebe Cates from Drop Dead Fred had appeared in summat else, and Nic Cage.


  15. Innocence
  16. Beloved
  17. It wasn't the Toni Morrison adaptation or the French one. Ant got a clue wtf I watched. But I wrote 'beloved' down so it's going in. It wasn't a review of the previous film seen, that's for sure.

  18. 13 Sins
  19. I don't remember watching this, but it sounds good. Jeez, maybe the list I'm cribbing off is actually a list of films I wanted to see. Or random words I like. Fuck knows. I'll plod on regardless.

  20. Dark Shadows
  21. "Every year I get half as pretty and twice as drunk"

  22. This is the End
  23. This was like the acest (not to be confused with Alcest) stoner film, plus you get to see Rihanna swallowed up by the earth.

  24. Ted
  25. Hysteria
  26. One of my favourites I saw this year...

  27. Adult World
  28. ...followed by one of the worst. John Cusack, why would you do this.

  29. Ender's Game
  30. The Congress
  31. Philomena
  32. Just Go With It
  33. (Because Jennifer Aniston, that's why)

  34. You May Not Kiss the Bride
  35. Beautiful Lies
  36. Chappie
  37. "This is a story about how my Zef motherfokken clique got it going on"

  38. Twilight in Forks
  39. Christmas present from m'pal Josh, which came with a set of drinking game rules. There isn't enough liquor in the world to cope with Twilight, let alone a documentary about the town where Twilight was filmed. Three of us did the test on this, so you don't have to.

  40. Some Guy Who Kills People
  41. Don't remember this, as I was still 'recovering' from Twilight in Forks.

  42. Je, tu, il, elle
  43. Plot summary, taken from its Wikipedia page: "Julie, a young woman alone in a room moves her furniture, writes letters, and eats granulated sugar. She leaves her room and finds a driver with whom she eats and drinks. Later, she joins a young woman with whom she has sex."

    This is how I balance the scales for things like 'You May Not Kiss the Bride'.

  44. A Field in England
  45. The Bridge
  46. Documentary about people jumping off them. I know how to rock a Saturday afternoon.

  47. Frankie and Johnny
  48. Ginger and Rosa
  49. This is totally unrelated, but my YouTube mix is currently set to this. JT would've been such a good shag investment*, wouldn't he.

    *term I saw bandied around on Twitter about guys that were like HELL NO at the time but are now rawr.

  50. A Million Ways to Die in the West
  51. Thanks for Sharing
  52. Mental
  53. It's a Boy Girl Thing
  54. The Strangers
  55. Smart People
  56. Charlie's Angels
  57. Supersize Me
  58. It's Complicated
  59. Overboard
  60. Transcendance
  61. The Way Way Back
  62. The Rebound
  63. Barsat Ki Raat
  64. Chennai Express
  65. Spy
  66. Hitchcock
  67. Frank
  68. My Week With Marilyn
  69. This is literally just a picture to break up the text. I am sorry for your eyes.

  70. Blended
  71. Parental Guidance
  72. Amour Fou
  73. This sticks in my mind for merit of being boring af. Don't go near it.

  74. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  75. Yeah, first time I'd seen this as well. Not as in to Johnny Depp & HBC and all that technicolourgoff Tim Burton stuff as people might assume. It was alreet though. Carry on.

  76. Quartet
  77. Robot & Frank
  78. Walkabout
  79. That Awkward Moment
  80. Northern Soul
  81. Enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. Watching people discover drugs and then dance on them is quite fun.

  82. Hummingbird
  83. Boyhood
  84. Still Alive
  85. Stand Up Guys
  86. Dom Hemingway
  87. The Babadook
  88. LOL
  89. Airplane!
  90. Tank Girl
  91. With her that's in OITNB these days.

  92. Svengali
  93. What We Did On Our Holiday
  94. I like films with Billy Connolly in. It's like someone wrapping you in an old comfy warm dressing gown.

  95. 22 Jump St
  96. Bully
  97. Housesitter
  98. Because anything with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn in it. More snuggly dressing gown feels.

  99. The Back Up Plan
  100. Let's Scare Jessica To Death
  101. 70s horrors were better. None of this CGI crap, and spotty actresses not airbrushed to a smooth plastic android finish makes the situations the characters find themselves in all the more believable. S'all been said before, but I'm saying it again because this is my shitty blog and I can do what I want. Also, watch LSJTD. I'd take it over The Babadook, anyway.

  102. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  103. Spellbound
  104. What If
  105. this list ended here, and there'd still be salvation for my fingertips

  106. Hector and the Search for Happiness
  107. Actually maybe this was the film that had the idea in it that I also had; not Seeking a Friend For the End of the World. Dang these films, confusing me before I've even read to the end of their long clunky titles.

  108. The Watch
  109. About Time
  110. *looks it up* Oh yeah, I liked this one. I'll watch anything with Bill Nighy in.

  111. The Decoy Bride
  112. Ask Me Anything
  113. The Room (again)
  114. Society
  115. Which I don't recall, as I was recovering from the previous film.

    A lot of these films I don't remember. I never know if that says more about the calibre of the films, or whether it says something about me.

    (Thank you Morrissey, contributing author there).

  116. Splash
  117. 50/50
  118. I will watch anything with Joseph Gordon LOVE IT in. Oh boy, imagine him, Bill Nighy, Goldie Hawn, Billy Connolly, and, err, throw in some more people called Bill. Bill Sykes? Fuck yeah. Bill's, that ludicrously pricey restaurant in the North Laine? Fuck NO. I've been coding for hours now and I really need a wee and I'm going slightly insane. Bills Bills Bills.

  119. Lucy
  120. Great idea, poor execution I thought. I did take to referring to myself as 'Lucy' when I was on a roll with work or whatever though. People didn't really get it. At least I didn't call meself Bill.

  121. GBF
  122. Highly enjoyable silly teen flick. Made me miss my Canterbury GBFs. Watch this with your GBF and vodka jelly.

  123. Looper
  124. Pride
  125. Empire of Scents
  126. Unseen Cinema - JG Ballard
  127. This was part of the local 'Cinecity' season. Three shorts of about twenty mins each, so that counts as a film, right? The last of the three was this art-house b&w dancing mice Eisenstein thing which I didn't understand at all. Which made me feel clevererer. Aren't cinema visits funny like that.

  128. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
  129. The Fault in Our Stars
  130. Due Date
  131. Kind Hearts and Coronets
  132. Suddenly Last Summer
  133. Bridge of Spies
  134. Upstream Color
  135. Still Alice
  136. Santa's Slay
  137. Santa with Muscles
  138. The above two being part of a Christmas film night with the splendid theme of pro-wrestlers starring as the man in the red suit.

  139. Bachelorette
  140. Isla Fisher's still looking buff. This was one of my favourite girly flicks of the year

  141. Jaws
  142. First time seeing that.

  143. Aloha
  144. Home Alone 2
  145. Puss in Boots
  146. Like Disney's Robin Hood before him, attraction towards a cartoon leaves me feeling a bit peculiar, to say the least. Especially when watching with Mother at Christmas after many Buck's Fizzes. How to deal. Stop with the confusing sexy animated things, DreamWorks! No...wait...come back here. Don't.


  1. 2014 Wipe
  2. Penny Dreadful S1
  3. Stupidly beautiful people

  4. Dexter S6, S7, S8
  5. Californication S5, S6, S7
  6. Because David Duchovny, that's why. Perving aside, this is a highly underrated, touching, funny series. Had a better ending than Dexter as well, as I recall.

  7. Orange is the New Black, S3
  8. Yeah, I was asked if I wanted in on a used underwear selling club, as I'm sure most lasses of an 'alternative' nature were after watching this. What's happening with that? Because I got some new pants for Xmas, so the knicker draw is due a clear out...

  9. This is England 90
  10. American Horror Story S5
  11. Jessica Jones S1


  1. Pied Piper of Hamelin - Russell Brand
  2. Essays in Love - Alain de Botton
  3. That fucked me up for a while.

  4. The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
  5. I'm sorry, it's so over-quoted, but I must:

    "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."


  6. Black Orchid - Neil Gaiman
  7. Crooked Little Vein - Warren Ellis
  8. The Disaster Artist - Greg Sestero
  9. The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
  10. Cheeky Walks in Brighton & Sussex
  11. Dotter of Her Father's Eyes - Mary M Talbot & Brian Talbot
  12. To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee
  13. Autobiography - Morrissey
  14. Yukon Ho! - Bill Watterson
  15. Yes Please - Amy Poehler
  16. Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth - Chris Ware
  17. On Writing - Stephen King
  18. It's entirely true when they say all wannabe writers should read this.

  19. In Between the Sheets - Ian McEwan
  20. Are You My Mother? - Alison Bechdel
  21. Bio-Punk: Stories from the Far Side of Research
  22. Source

  23. The Adulterous Woman - Albert Camus
  24. Lolito - Ben Brooks
  25. Briar Rose & Spanking the Maid - Robert Coover
  26. Coover was definitely one of my favourite discoveries of the year. Briar Rose was so perfectly constructed. It just makes you want to give up writing. It cannot be bettered.

  27. The Fall - Albert Camus
  28. Lolita Fatale
  29. How to Build a Girl - Caitlin Moran
  30. The Haunted Life - Jack Kerouac
  31. In the Stacks: Short Stories about Libraries and Librarians
  32. Short Walks in Cornwall
  33. Pricksongs & Descants - Robert Coover
  34. Death of the Artist - Karrie Fransman
  35. Vanishing Cornwall - Daphne du Maurier
  36. Best British Short Stories 2012
  37. Source

    This will forever remind me of meeting this guy.

  38. Tick Bite Fever - David Bennun
  39. Titus Alone - Mervyn Peake
  40. Thank You for the Days - Mark Radcliffe
  41. Three Men in a Boat - Jerome K Jerome
  42. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic - Alison Bechdel
  43. Iron Man - Tony Iommi
  44. Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
  45. The Looking Glass House - Vanessa Tait
  46. This was the most 'meh' of the whole bunch. Sorry. Alice fans would be better served by investigating 'Alice in Sunderland', as mentioned in last year's post.

  47. The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins
  48. This took an age and a lot of energy drink to get through. But worth it, I'd say.

  49. Vurt - Jeff Noon
  50. Also the year I learned Jeff Noon isn't also Jeff Koons.

  51. Four Letter Word: New Love Letters - Joshua Knelman & Rosalind Porter
  52. After the Quake - Haruki Murakami
  53. How lovely are Murakami covers though

  54. How to Leave Twitter - Grace Dent
  55. AKA how to make fast bucks by printing a collection of favourite tweets I've made, favourite tweets from schmoozy meedja dahling fwends, trolls are bad mmmkay, and spoiler alert: she doesn't leave Twitter.

  56. Birthday Stories - Haruki Murakami
  57. Noughts & Crosses - Malorie Blackman (graphic novel version)
  58. The Atrocity Exhibition - J. G. Ballard
  59. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge & Other Stories - Ambrose Bierce
  60. When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin - Mick Wall
  61. This rivalled the Moonstone for length of time spent reading. And like the Moonstone, was worth it.

  62. Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone - Stefan Kiesbe
  63. Creepy af, this one.

  64. Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes
  65. Definitely makes the top five. The book I remind myself of when I think of how The Peripheral (to follow) nearly killed my interest in sci-fi, and in reading in general, for good.

  66. The Sunshine Cruise Company - John Niven
  67. It was no Kill Your Friends or Straight White Male, but it was a jolly good ride.

  68. Doctor Sleep - Stephen King
  69. The Peripheral - William Gibson
  70. The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad - Karl Pilkington
  71. Because you need something like that after crawling through The Peripheral.

  72. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith
  73. AKA a librarian's shelving nightmare. See also Daphne du Maurier and the arguments which ensue under whether to shelve her under 'DUM' or 'MAU'. I'm adamant it's MAU. How Soon is Mau. Oh gosh I'm getting tired and hysterical again.

    Good job I've finally finished, then. Same time next year.

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